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Remote Temple Tours

Escape the hustle and bustle of  the typical tourist sites and travel deep into the Cambodian jungle to the remote temples to face a unique atmosphere for an ‘off the beaten track’ experience.

» The Hidden Litchi Mountain

A 2 hours drive  to  Phnom Kulen,  the most sacred mountain in  Cambodia. It was  the first capital of  the Angkorian civilization, after the coronation of King Jayavarman II in 802.

Its Holy status endures to  this  day.  In 1993  it became a National Park.  Upon arrival on the mountain plateau, we will hike through the relatively thick jungle (for approximately 40 minutes) on  the quest of ancient remnants and an  ancient kiln site…

» The Remote Koh Ker

We set off to experience a contrasting landscape and travel deep into the Cambodian jungle to Koh Ker a magnificent temple site, magically concealed within ancient Koki and Boeng trees.

As you stroll though the entrance of the temple the awesome architecture rises before you in monumental scale.

» The Mysterious Temple of Preah Khan Thom

In the morning, set  off by private 4×4 Land  Cruiser to Preah Khan Thom Kampong Svay which temple is located about 155 kilometers southwest of the provincial town (approximately 3 hours & half driving).

»The Famous ‘Perched Temple of the North’ Preah Vihear

Set off about 4 hours journey to  experience a contrasting landscape, traveling deep into  the Cambodian heartland to Preah Vihear,  a temple dedicated to Shiva in the 9th  century. Magically  concealed and perched on  the Dângrêk hilltop 525  m above the Thai and Khmer jungle plain,  it offers a breathtaking panoramic view.

Heritage Adventures

Was absolutely blown away by both the Heritage Hotel and Adventures. It was a first class experience all the way. They took care of everything from start to finish. A seamless experience that was enjoyed by all.– Sarissa R

Heritage Adventures

We hired the camping experience and I must say the dinner inside the archeological site all of their setup is one of the most amazing experiences one can dream off– Paul Mesnet

We used Heritage Adventures for a three day holiday in Siem Reap & we're very pleased we did. They organised our itinerary & made our trip a seamless & pleasant experience.– Jess Brown